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Trusted for our commitment to homemade goodness

Trusted for our commitment to homemade goodness

About us

At 44Bukaz, our journey is one of passion and dedication to culinary excellence. Since our inception, we've been committed to serving authentic dishes crafted with the finest ingredients.

Beyond being a buka, we're a community-driven establishment where every meal tells a story and every guest feels like family. Join us as we continue to celebrate the joy of food and shared experiences.

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why choose us?

Where tradition meets innovation, 44Bukaz promises a culinary journey like no other, delivering homemade goodness with every bite.

Choosing 44Bukaz means opting for more than just a meal; it's a decision to indulge in an unparalleled buka experience. With our unwavering commitment to homemade recipes prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail, we offer not just food, but a journey of flavors that evoke memories of home-cooked meals shared with loved ones. Beyond our delectable offerings, our dedication to exceptional service ensures that every visit to 44Bukaz is a memorable celebration of flavor, warmth, and hospitality. Come and experience the difference that sets us apart as your top choice for buka excellence.

Meet the CEO

Captain Oluwaseun Falako-James

At 44bukaz, we believe in the importance of connecting with our community on a personal level. That's why we invite you to meet our CEO, Oluwaseun Falako-James, the driving force behind our mission and vision.

Oluwaseun is more than just a leader; he is a passionate advocate for exceptional dining experiences and a dedicated member of our local community. With his extensive background in the aviation industry and a relentless pursuit of excellence, 'Seun ensures that every aspect of 44bukaz reflects our commitment to quality and innovation.

Whether you're curious about our menu inspiration, our sustainability practices, or simply want to chat about your favorite dish, Oluwaseun and 44bukaz are here to connect with you. Join us for a special meet and greet event, where you can interact with Oluwaseun and learn more about the heart and soul of 44bukaz.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and details and experience the passion behind 44bukaz firsthand.

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